15th-16th October 2022 – CHASM Workshop

LunAres Mobile Research Station, Poland and online

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This LunAres + CHASM event is the first in a series of workshops taking place in analogue space missions bases, with purpose to improve them.

Past events

2nd-3rd April 2022 – CHASM Launch

University of Cambridge, Cambridge

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The inaugural CHASM conference. The Conference on Human Analogue Space Missions (CHASM).

2020-2021 – Locked Down

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The Mars Society UK sadly had to take a break from in person talks during the pandemic. But we are always available online.

4th-6th November 2019 – European Mars Conference

Institute of Physics, London

A rocket, space helmet and plant in 3 separate hexagons for Arrive, Survive and Thrive Mars Conference
European Mars Conference EMC19, London 2019

The yearly European Mars Conference (EMC) were all the Mars Societies from around Europe come together. At the Institute of Physics in London, 4th – 6th November 2019.

1st November 2019 – SIRIUS19 Lunar Mission Specialist talk

Worcester College, Oxford University, Oxford

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The Mars Society UK (MS:UK) in collaboration with Oxford University’s Aeronautical Society (AerOx) and the Science Innovation Union (SIUOxford) are pleased to announce guest speaker Anastasia Stepanova to share her experience on board the NEK Lunar Analog station.

16th-17th March 2019 – Mars Colony Prize Hackathon (Mars Society London)

British Interplanetary Society, London

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Join us for our second major event, encouraging and supporting you to develop designs for a Mars habitat/colony. We want to encourage submissions to the international Mars Society’s contest, with potential for winning one of the prizes if you submit to the contest.

25th January 2019 – Mars Society UK Inaugural Event

Worcester College, Oxford University, Oxford

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In collaboration with AerOx, the inaugural Mars Society UK event Relaunch is being held in Oxford on 25 January 2019.

Join us at the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre at Worcester College, Oxford for an evening of talks, workshops and drinks themed around the opportunities getting humans on Mars will bring.


Next event

CHASM's second Workshop. End of February, 2023. More info soon.

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