Mars Society UK Inaugural Event >>Relaunch

Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre, Worcester College, Oxford

25 January 2019

In collaboration with AerOx, the inaugural Mars Society UK event ‘>>Relaunch’ is being held in Oxford on 25 January 2019. This is the 15-year anniversary of the successful deployment of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover-1, Opportunity.

Join us for an evening of talks, workshops and drinks themed around the opportunities getting humans on Mars will bring.

To celebrate the UK’s contribution to Mars, we have organised a panel of speakers who are going to talk about the opportunities to reach, research, explore, or settle the Red Planet.

Speakers include:

European Mars Conference (EMC) 2019

Venue TBC

Late October / Early November 2019

Mars Society UK has been selected to chair the EMC 2019 in London. More details to follow…

Past events

Mars Society London Inaugural Event Event ended

RocketSpace, London

26 November 2018

Mars Society London is holding its inaugural event on Monday 26 November 2018 at RocketSpace, London. Register and find out more at the Eventbrite page.

Speakers include: