The First CHASM Workshop

CHASM is a Community of Human Analogue Space Missions (more here). This event will be the first in a series of CHASM workshops taking place at analogue space mission bases around the World.

CHASM Workshops are designed for collaboration amongst Analogue space missions, to:

  • Avoid redundancy
  • Improve research
  • and Create further networking


This workshop will be held at the analogue space mission LunAres Station in Poland on the 15th and 16th of October. It will also be online.

In addition to the workshop, in person guests will also be able to visit LunAres Station which has hosted analogue space missions for several years. Online attendees will be able to join discussions.

Topics up for the workshop include:

  • Habitats
  • Life support systems and human factors
  • Experiments


There will be an optional meal to attend on the evening of the 14th October before the workshop starts where you can meet the latest LunAres crew.

The 15th October will proceed as follows:

09:00Welcome talk
09:30Workshop on theme 1 start
13:30Visit of LunAres Base Station (first group)
14:30Workshop on theme 2
17:00End of first day

And the 16th October:

08:30Visit of LunAres Base Station (second group)
09:30Workshop on theme 3
13:30Keynote talk
14:30End of workshop

Location and Accomodation

The workshop takes place at the hotel Arche Hotel Piła. The address is:
Arche Hotel Piła
1 Piłsudskiego Street,
64-920 Piła,

This hotel has good rooms so we also recommend staying there for the night. See


🚂 If travelling by train, you can take the train from Berlin to Poznan then on to Pila.

✈ If coming in by plane, take a flight to Poznan or Bydgoszcz airports. Poznań-Ławica Airport is located at 285 Bukowska Str. (provincial road No. 307), approximately 7 km west of the city centre.

Further information and tickets are available at Eventbrite:

Further information about what CHASM is and hopes to become can be found on our dedicated page.

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Upcoming events

An Evening with astronaut Michael Foale!
7 May, Aylesbury.

Stay tuned for details on our next CHASM conference in 2024.

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