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We are a group of professionals, amateurs, tinkerers, thinkers; but most importantly do‑ers; dedicated to the cause of humanity exploring and settling the Red Planet.

Latest News

  • CHASM Wiki release event
    Today another goal was reached for CHASM. They released the new Wiki at a workshop at the British Interplanetary Society (BIS). This new wiki will […]
  • Mars in Ultraviolet by MAVEN
    NASA’s MAVEN orbiter has taken several views of Mars in the ultraviolet light (which is light beyond what our eyes can see). Doing this can […]
  • NASA Mars analog crew sealed in for a year
    NASA’s year long Mars analog has just begun with the sealing in of its four crew members. The habitat for the Crew Health and Performance […]
  • Twenty Years around Mars
    It’s twenty years since the launch of Mars Express and later this year it will also complete twenty years of orbiting Mars – it continues […]
  • UK Space Agency: Funding for Mars Research
    If you’re a current researcher looking for opportunities to work on Planetary Science you can apply for funding through the UK Space Agencies and help […]

Members are now on Discord!

We’ve invited all of our members to a special MS:UK Discord server so that we can better connect with each other, enabling collaboration and inviting discussion. We’re going to use this platform to host AMA discussions with experts, collaborate with our members on technical projects, brainstorm ideas, and connect this group of like-minded people!

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We welcome the curious! If you have any comments, feedback, or general enquiries, please get in touch – you never know what may be achieved through reaching out.


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Upcoming event

Stay tuned for details on our next CHASM conference later in 2023.

Second CHASM Workshop
Astroland, Cantabria, Spain.

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