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We are a group of professionals, amateurs, tinkerers, thinkers; but most importantly do‑ers; dedicated to the cause of humanity exploring and settling the Red Planet.

Latest Event

CHASM Workshop, 15-16th October, 2022

Online and in Poland at LunAres Mobile Research Station

This LunAres + CHASM event is the first in a series of workshops taking place in analogue space mission bases, its goal to improve them all.

See other events on our events page.

Other news

Members are now on Discord!

We’ve invited all of our members to a special MS:UK Discord server so that we can better connect with each other, enabling collaboration and inviting discussion. We’re going to use this platform to host AMA discussions with experts, collaborate with our members on technical projects, brainstorm ideas, and connect this group of like-minded people!

MS:UK structure update

Mars Society UK have made a change to the way we account for membership, with old and new members benefiting alike:

In short, we have moved to a fixed-year approach (April-March) and are temporarily granting new members the remaining period for free (e.g. if you join in August 2020, your annual membership won’t expire until April 2022!). There has never been a better time to join!

This won’t last forever – we are currently working on a pro-rata scheme, which will mean that you pay the period from when you join up until the renewal date.

Contact Us

We welcome the curious! If you have any comments, feedback, or general enquiries, please get in touch – you never know what may be achieved through reaching out.


Email us with general enquiries at


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Our offices are located on a beautiful Thames side spot in Burcot:

Cygnus House,
United Kingdom,
OX14 3DP


Next event

CHASM's second Workshop. End of February, 2023. More info soon.

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