CHASM Wiki release event

Today another goal was reached for CHASM. They released the new Wiki at a workshop at the British Interplanetary Society (BIS). This new wiki will be the place for international Analogue experts to collaborate.

The aim for CHASM (the Community of Human Analogue Space Missions) is to foster collaboration between analogue space missions around the world (it has already held events in UK, Poland and Spain; and Czech Republic and Switzerland will soon join that list).

The Wiki’s main purpose is to provide knowledge to the community, to inform about organisations doing similar work, detail research happening, and to hold resources. It is also a place for the general public to learn about what these missions do and what they hope to achieve.

Anyone working in the Analogue area is welcome – and encouraged – to request access and add their own experience and data, where ever they live in the world (or which ever world they live on!).

Check out the wiki at:

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An Evening with astronaut Michael Foale!
7 May, Aylesbury.

Stay tuned for details on our next CHASM conference in 2024.

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