Speaker – Dr Jorge Pla-Garcia

Dr Jorge Pla-Garcia

Planetary Scientist – Centre of Astrobiology  (CSIC-INTA, associated with NASA Astrobiology Institute)

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Jorge received an Ph.D. with Honors from University Complutense (Madrid, Spain) focusing on Mars Atmosphere Modeling. His advisor was Dr. Scot C.R. Rafkin (SwRI, Boulder, CO, USA). Jorge holds a B.Sc in Computer Science (University of Salamanca, Spain), an M.Sc in Space Science (University of Alcala, Spain), a M.Sc in Astrophysics (International Valencian University, Spain) and a M.Sc in Meteorology (University Complutense, Spain). Jorge is a Research Scientist with several NASA Mars Projects related with Mars atmospheric science:-

  • REMS instrument (NASA MSL Curiosity rover mission)
  • TWINS instrument (NASA InSight mission)
  • MEDA instrument & EDL Council of Atmospheres (both in NASA Mars2020 mission).

He also worked for three years on the ExoMars2020-Rosalind Franklin mission (RLS instrument, ESA). He has been affiliated with the Madrid Center for Astrobiology (associated to NASA Astrobiology Institute) from 2009. He worked also at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias-Teide Observatory (Canary Island) from 2007-2009 as telescope operator and astrophysicist.

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