Upcoming event with Michael Foale

“An Evening with Michael Foale” is coming to Aylesbury. Hear from British-American NASA astronaunt, Michael Foale.

Michael has flown six space missions, spent time on both the MIR and ISS spacestations, helped fix the Hubble Space Telescope and spent more than a year in space.

The event takes place at Aylesbury Vale Academy on the 7th of May, 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Tickets will be available on the door at £10.

Full address:

Paradise Orchard,
HP18 0WS

Mars in Ultraviolet by MAVEN

NASA’s MAVEN orbiter has taken several views of Mars in the ultraviolet light (which is light beyond what our eyes can see). Doing this can reveal new features or systems taking place on the planet.

The images were taken at different times in Mars orbit. Here we present the images next to generated images of Mars for easy comparison.


NASA Mars analog crew sealed in for a year

NASA’s year long Mars analog has just begun with the sealing in of its four crew members. The habitat for the Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog (CHAPEA) will not be reopened – assuming all goes well – until July 2024.


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Upcoming events

An Evening with astronaut Michael Foale!
7 May, Aylesbury.

Stay tuned for details on our next CHASM conference in 2024.

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