Speaker – Professor Dave Cullen

Professor Dave Cullen

Professor of Astrobiology & Space Biotechnology, Cranfield University

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The development and application of biosensors, bio-diagnostics and related bio-analytical technologies are common themes of David’s research. This began with his PhD studies at the University of Cambridge and continued as a postdoctoral researcher in the same institution and later following winning his first independent academic position at Cranfield University. More recently the main focus of David’s research has been on the design and application of technologies in the field of astrobiology and life detection in extreme environments – especially for in situ life detection and characterisation associated with planetary exploration (e.g. Mars), subglacial environments on Earth, and the Earth’s stratosphere. Recent research has focused on the exploitation of nano-satellite (CubeSat) platforms for study of biological processes in space and developing nano-satellite payloads to demonstrate in situ resource utilisation (ISRU) on near Earth asteroids. This has led to a broader interest in ISRU concepts for the Moon and Mars.

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