Speaker – Matej Poliaček

Matej Poliaček

Rover technologies, RoboTech Vision

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Matej is a young space professional currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia, working on rover technologies for RoboTech Vision, a Slovak SME. His current day-to-day duties involve work on control software and user interfaces for mobile robots. Previously he also worked as a mission analysis for a nano-satellite company. As an alumnus of the Young Graduate Trainee programme at ESTEC, European Space Agency, Matej worked in the Software Systems division and he was primarily involved in data modelling and software engineering activities. Outwith his YGT duties, he was also involved in the development of an Android app for the Navigation division, demonstrating the capabilities of the Galileo GNSS. During this time he also took part in a 2-week long lunar analog mission in the LunAres base in Poland. Matej completed his education at the University of Glasgow, with BSc in Statistics and MSc in Software Development. At EMC19, his paper will introduce an independently-developed software tool, intended to aid the population planning of future settlements on Mars.

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