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Photo of Lucinda Offer

Lucinda Offer

(Former) Vice-President

Lucinda is the Education and Outreach Officer – Geophysics Lead for the Royal Astronomical Society in London. She also works to promote young student researchers as the Programme Delivery Manager for the ORBYTS Education Programme at the University College London (UCL) supporting Astrophysics PhDs in delivering secondary coursework based on the TWINKLE Space Mission data. Additionally, she is Executive Director of the Mars Society USA and has been a life-time member since 2002 participating in multiple university rover challenges in Utah, Poland and the UK.

Previously, she served as the Tele-robotics engineer for crew 97 at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in 2011 while working at NASA Ames and successfully deployed and tested the Sandstorm rover for future crew use. As a NASA Associate under Dr. Chris McKay at the Earth and Space Science Laboratory she participated in four NASA Spaceward Bound expeditions to the Mojave, Australia, Abu Dhabi and New Zealand studying tardigrades, 3.5Bya stromatolites, searching for Mars and Titan analogs and exploring geothermal vents along the Taupo Volcanic Zone respectively. She studied Geology, Art and Design, as well as Science Education and Communication while at universities in California and Scotland.

She is a credentialed science teacher in both the US and UK and has taught Earth and Space Science, Physics and Astronomy, and currently teaches GCSE Astronomy at the Royal Astronomical Society’s headquarters in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

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